How to connect to vhf z4 integrated pc via remote desktop

How to connect to vhf z4 integrated pc via remote desktop


Connection setup

This is the workaround of how we can connect the vhf Z4 integrated PC.

vhf Z4 milling machine is only available for TRIOS Design Studio.



This can be done by following the steps below:


  1. Unpack the machine and ensure that you have received the following items:
    1. 1x Machine Z4
    2. 1x Cleaning brush
    3. 5x Tool magazine insert
    4. 1x Power cable
    5. 1x Ethernet network cable (type: straight)
    6. 1x Spindle service set
    7. 1x Interdental brush (for cleaning the nozzle plate)
    8. 1x Block holder service set
    9. 1x Tube of collet chuck grease (for spindle, blank holder, tool magazine holder)
    10. 5 x Tool magazine (in the drawer)
    11. 1 x Measuring pin
    12. 1 x Drill bit for tool positions (2.8 mm)
    13. 1 x Calibration set: 1micrometer, 5 blanks for manufacturing test and calibration specimens, 1 radius cutter with 2 teeth (P200-R1-35)
    14. 1 x Microfiber cloth
    15. 1 x View window wiper
    16. 1 x Container with activated carbon
    17. 1 x Fine filter
    18. 3 x Fixing screw for the collet chuck of the blank holder
    19. 5 x Tool magazine cap
    20. 1 x External CAM computer(picture may differ from delivered product) with Power cable (only for machines with serial number as ofZ4ID4...)
    21. 2 x USB cable A / B black(only for machines with serial number from Z4ID4...)
  2. Enter the machine's serial number in the computer field of the opened window. In case the serial number is unknown, you can find it at the back of the machine as shown below:
  3. Select Connect.
  4. You will be prompted to enter login credentials. The credentials are the following:

User: camcomputer

Password: camcomputer


You should change these default credentials for network security reasons


         5.Select OK.

After this remote connection should be established and it should be possible to explore the integrated milling PC.

DentalCAM_7folder should be located under the following local path: C:\vhf\DentalCAM_7


For more information on the vhf Z4 milling installation, please check this document.

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