How to perform In-house workflow for Studio Apps in 3Shape Unite

How to perform In-house workflow for Studio Apps in 3Shape Unite


With introduction of 3Shape Unite, there are some changes in how to create in-house design and manufacturing with Studio Apps.

All of these workflows require scans to be present on the system beforehand: either scanned or imported.
And only afterwards it’s possible to select Splint Studio, TRIOS Design Studio, Screw Retain Crown or Implant Studio in the order form.

These options are only available with their respective licenses, if you want to use any of the Studio Apps and do not know which licenses to use, please contact for further advice.

How to perform In-house workflow:

  1. In 3Shape Unite go to Patients -> select needed patient or create a new one.
  2. After creating or opening an existing patient, click on "New Case", at the bottom "Everything Else" you will see the design applications you have in your system which can be used internally or In-House. 
    Note: Note: The "Studios" option creates a case with all the design options you have installed.
  3. Once we select the workflow, we want to perform we will need scans, to get them we have two options.
    - when selecting a design indication, if we have in our system the "Trios" module which allows us to scan we can click on "Next" and proceed to scan the patient or model and then continue with the design.

This will enable the design functions of the previously mentioned applications; in case you have any questions regarding how to use the different design options we invite you to schedule an appointment with an expert who will be able to answer all your questions.  3Shape Academy North America

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